CREDITAS GREEN, SICAV sub-fund focused on the implementation of investments in the energy sector.

Strategy & objectives

CREDITAS GREEN, SICAV sub-fund is a sub-fund of the CREDITAS ASSETS SICAV a.s. Qualified Investors Fund focused on the implementation of investments in the energy sector. The sub-fund primarily targets ownership interests in companies engaged in the distribution, production and trading of electricity, gas and heat.   These will often be projects that supply energy to integral areas with high energy consumption, such as industrial plants, logistics centres, office buildings and residential areas. Another area of the sub-fund’s acquisitions also includes related service providers.

The aim is to achieve stable long-term appreciation corresponding to the individual share classes through returns from investments in companies active in the energy sector.

Asset structure in %

31. 07. 2022

Investments in the GREEN energy sub-fund

For qualified investors

The CREDITAS GREEN sub-fund for qualified investors that have the appropriate financial background and relevant expertise.

Guarantee of return*

The minimum return of the Premium Investment Shares (PIS) is guaranteed by the fund capital (HIS).

Group know-how

The energy companies owned by the sub-fund will continue to benefit from the services and first-class know-how that the UCED Group possesses.

The investment carries risks. The value of the investment may fluctuate over time (going down or up) and the return on the amount invested is not guaranteed. Please pay close attention to the description of the risks in the fund's statute, the supplement to the statute of the relevant sub-fund and the Key Information Document (KID). The historical performance of a given investment is not a reliable indicator of future returns. The investment may not be suitable for investors who plan to recover their invested funds in less than 4 years.

* Guaranteed minimum return on Premium Investment Shares (PIS) of 5.0 % p.a. even in the event of a lower profit or even loss of the fund. The guarantee is in the form of a redistribution of fund capital from holders of Hedging Investment Shares (fund founders) in favour of holders of Premium Investment Shares (external investors), up to the amount of this fund capital attributable to Hedging Investment Shares.

Premium Investment Shares (PIS)

Class: Premium Investment Shares


Minimum appreciation: 5.0 % p.a.
Maximum appreciation: 5.5 % p.a.
Minimum investment volume: first purchase of shares from CZK 1,000,000; second and subsequent purchase of shares from CZK 100,000
Minimum redemption volume: CZK 100,000
Entry fee: from 0% to 3.0% of the value of the investment shares issued, according to the subscription agreement
Exit fee: 5.0% before 1 year of subscription; 3.0% before 2 years of subscription; 1.5% before 3 years after subscription; 0% 3 years of subscription

The return on PIS shares is within the set minimum/maximum appreciation limits.

In the event that the growth in the value of the PIS does not achieve a return equivalent to the minimum appreciation of 5.0% p.a., the amount required to secure this return (up to the amount of the current fund capital of the HIS) will be redistributed to the fund capital of the PIS and debited to the fund capital attributable to the HIS.

HIS shares are not freely offered by a distributor and may only be subscribed for with the prior approval of the Supervisory Board. In the event of a decline in the value of the sub-fund's portfolio, investors in HIS bear the loss preferentially.

Basic data

Sub-fund name: CREDITAS GREEN, SICAV sub-fund

Fund type:

qualified investor fund
Investment horizon: min. 4 years
Creation date: 19 January 2021
Currency: CZK
Security: investment shares
Manager and administrator: AVANT investiční společnost, a.s.
Distributor: Banka CREDITAS a.s.
Depositary: Československá obchodní banka, a. s.
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit, s.r.o.